S4E1 – Once in Royal Davids City

Hi listeners and welcome to Season 4 episode 1.

In this episode we’ll recap the past month as a bit has happened.
We’ll also deep dive in to the song Once in a Royal Davids City.
I ask for help with next month’s episode and get to listen to another chapter on The Christmas Carol from vinyl. 

Links to music used in the episode:

Kings College Cambridge 2018 https://youtu.be/TT3cfXd3Shk

Kings College Cambridge 2008 https://youtu.be/2T3Dv0z8pI8

Mathew Green’s Orchestral Rainbow version https://youtu.be/x1I272VMEOQ

All music used under fair use policy. No copyright infringement intended.


  1. I don’t know if you would consider my Christmas CD collection particularly large, I only have about a 120 Christmas CD’s. When I did a search, I found only 2 versions of “Once in King David’s Royal David’s city”. One was a Choral version, and the other was part of an instrumental medley. Apparently not the most popular song in the Christmas cannon. Thanks for the show


    1. Thanks Jeffery for listening to the podcast and for taking the time to comment. Check out Stewart’s comment below for some version he found.


  2. Non-choir versions of Once In Royal David’s City:
    Sufjan Stevens from Hark! Songs for Christmas Volume 2

    The Seekers from Morningtown Ride To Christmas

    Robin Gibb from My Favorite Carols

    Stan Kenton (big band jazz instrumental version)

    The Albion Christmas Band from Winter Songs


    1. Awesome work Stewart. I’ll put these in the next episode. I particularly like the Robin Gibb version. I’m going to give this album a listen and do a bonus episode on it later in the year. Thanks again for listening and your feedback.


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