• Townshend Lights – My Christmas Light Display

    As well as the podcast, I also construct an outdoor light display each year. I have been doing this for most years since 2005. This year (2020), was my first […]

  • Twitch

    I also stream on Twitch playing my drums to both Christmas songs and regular songs. It’s a great time. We chat, play music and generally have fun. Come on over […]

  • We’ll be back shortly.

    That’s right! I’ll be recording a new episode for release in March 2020. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in your app of choice so you don’t miss it. […]

  • Tinsel Tunes Facebook Group

    I’m always looking for ways to interact with my listeners and make it easy for my listeners to interact with each other as well as with me. So I have […]

  • Merchandise

    Show your support with some merchandise. I’ve included some links to mugs and teeshirts down the right-hand side of this website. You can also check out more options at each […]

  • Christmas Podcast Network

    Christmas podcast Network Hey everyone. I have some really exciting news. Tinsel Tunes is now a member of the Christmas Podcast Network. What does that mean? I hear you ask. […]

  • Brett Eldredge Recorded a New Christmas Album

    Earlier this month, Brett teased Glow 2.0 in a video he posted to his Instagram account. More information can be found here. TinseltunesDuane is the podcast host and creator of this website.

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