S1E13 The Holly And The Ivy & Doris Day


In this episode, we’ll find out how one of the oldest Christmas songs ‘The Holly and the Ivy’ came to be.

As usual, we’ll have a top 5 list.

The world lost the great Doris Day this month. So we’ll learn some interesting information about her Christmas album titled ‘The Doris Day Christmas Album.

I’ll also let you about another Christmas podcast you should listen to The Christmas Clatter Podcast and I hope you like cookies. Why? You’ll need to listen to find out or you can click this link. http://christmaspast.media/the-christmas-past-summer-2019-cookie-swap-sign-up-by-june-24/

You can buy Buy Tinsel tunes Merchandise here.

Find out who won May’s round of the Great Tinsel Tunes Battle Royale 2019 and find out who June’s contenders are.

Listen to the songs on YouTube here June Round of The Great Tinsel Tunes Battle Royale 2019

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You can vote for as many as you want – as often as you want until the 20th of next month.

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